Sound Bytes

Camp Ranger 93 Reunion

Here are some good old Camp Ranger camp songs. These were taken from the reunion and I apologize, but there's no way I could eliminate the background noise.

You can listen to these online. You now have 2 choices: Wav files (beware some are quite large and will take a very long time to download) or Real Audio files (which are a lot smaller, stream [play while loading] but require the Real Audio Player) by clicking on the link. If you want to download the wav files to your hard drive and listen to them later, right click on the link and selecting "save link as," or "save as."

Hope you enjoy!!

Sound Byte

WAV Files Real Audio Files File Size Running Time
wav ra
We Toast to Ranger wav ra 88kb 19kb 8 sec
Friends wav ra 800kb 77kb 37:03 sec
Ranger Spirit wav ra 607kb 117kb 56:10 sec
Make New Friends wav ra 73kb 17kb 6:21 sec
A Ranger Girl wav ra 250kb 50kb 23:06 sec