Reunion 2000

Blue skies, green fields, trees swaying lightly in the summer breeze, the sounds of happy voices. This is Reunion 2000 in a very Camp Ranger-like setting. The weather couldn't have been more perfect.

Ranger campers gathering together again after 15 or 20 years, stepping back in time to renew those long lost but not forgotten friendships. After registering, groups congregate to catch up, retelling those long ago stories of camp exploits, failed raids and old romances. It's as if time has gone backwards or stopped all together. Except for the mature faces, grayer hair (or lack thereof), a little added weight around the middle, wedding bands on fingers, you'd think this was a camp social.

Salisbury School, surrounded by trees and mountains, lush and green provides this very camp-like setting. You can close your eyes and almost imagine yourself back on Silver Lake.

The guys migrate to the gym where two basketball games are going on. Then, we move to the dining hall for lunch...typical (well almost) camp fare...salads, lunch meats, veggies ( tuna sandwiches). Sitting in groups of 4, 6 or 8 the pictures come out...shared with old friends, stories remembered, and retold. Happiness abounds.

After lunch, a softball game...Color War rules. Teams divided, this time instead of Red and Grey by A-M, N-Z, batting alphabetically. No one is denied a place on the team. No one is denied a turn at bat. Exception...the score isn't really kept...there isn't one winner....everyone there is a winner.

3:00 rolls around and it's cookies and milk time. There may not be a maple tree or rec hall to line up at, but the feeling is the same...a renewal of an age-old Ranger tradition.

Back to the room for a shower, nap, or hanging around for continued reminiscences, folks get ready for dinner and evening activities. Burgers, hot dogs, chicken, cole slaw, chips...typical BBQ fare. After dinner, there's evening activity. A DJ for 60s through 90s music, a slide show of Ranger's past, an introduction of attendees...and dancing the night away, partying the night away, continuing the magic as long as one wants (or can stay awake).

Breakfast next morning, tearful goodbyes as many have to get back on the road to return to families. Those remaining enjoy Sundae on Sunday. A few new arrivals for the day. More stories and renewed friendships, promises of maintaining contact.

A very brief, birds-eye view of Renuion2000. What can't be adequately conveyed is the happiness, the sheer joy everyone there experienced.