If one looks carefully, he can see the isolated sadness of leaves commencing to turn the autumn color. We begin to perceive that the rays of the sun no longer have the warmth that felt so good just a few weeks ago. The morning and evenings have an invigorating briskness that are harbingers of days to come. All of these things tell us that the summer is about over and becomes our sad task to say "farewell" to the children and staff of Ranger with whom we have lived so happily these past eight weeks.

We approach this task with a keen sense of both sadness and joy.

We are sad because a few short days we will no longer have unique happiness of hearing the lilting, exciting voices of children in their play and fun; we no longer will have unique happiness of seeing happy children moving quickly over the campus in the free and delightful way that children can move. We will herein see these things only in our mind's eye.

However, we are most happy in grateful for many, many things this past summer. We have attained certain objectives in three main areas. Through the medium of certain activities such as tennis, swimming, sailing, canoeing, campus have learned skills that will add both pleasure and dimension to their future lives. Through being involved in certain competitive activities such as basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, hockey, campers have learned the discipline of channeling energies to a group enterprise, and learning how to win and lose in a gracious and understanding manner. Equally important is the understanding of the fact that as in life, one does not always have the fortune to feel the thrill of victory, and losses must be understood and accepted in such a way that the loss experience gives us growth and direction.

The third area in our program which was so meaningful to our campers was learning the ability to perceive and to enjoy the world about them through the medium of our mountain climbing, backpacking program and our canoe trip program down the glorious Delaware River. Children were exposed to the startling beauties of this earth. The bold view of the world sunrise as seen by our campers at Mount Washington was a moving experience campers will never forget. The exciting rush of white water which seems to accelerate with each of our heart beats as we enter the challenging Delaware Rapids is an unforgettable experience. These are activities and experiences which are add dimension and meaning to your future lives.

We have great lasting satisfaction in witnessing the evolution of some campers from anxious, almost self-centered individuals to relax people, interested and concerned with others in gaining great satisfaction from that concern and from that interest. We have personally seen a startling growth of campers into people we know are on their way to being chewed human beings in the highest and most beautiful sense of that word. For all that we are most grateful.