This years sailing program proved to be a thrilling and enriching one in which both campers and counselors participated. All the had to be known about sailing was taught in such a way that by the end of the summer certain individuals were able to stay topside even in very high winds. There were also many competition races this summer, but the premier race, The Golden Ranger Cup was won by the team of Ricky Spiro on the mainsheet, and Eric Bass on the tiller. I hope next years program will be as enjoyable as this years.

Ian Drachman

Ranger is lucky to be positioned on the shores of Silver Lake, which is a natural spring fed lake about half a mile wide. Due to the warm weather this summer the lake was just the right temperature for teaching scuba diving. With an active water sport such as scuba, a few hours training in snorkeling is required before obtaining the new and exciting experience of breathing completely artificially under water, with the aid of a tank of compressed air and a regulator. Training for this was also given by a series of lectures, including such material as the basics of the aqualung and underwater signals.

This lake is about 40 feet deep and below 20 feet the temperature requires the use of wet suits. The training that the scuba divers were given is sufficient to give them to potential to carry on their diving and oceans where the true joys of the sport can be found.

The program was run by Jerry Purkis, imported 4000 miles from England and trained by the British Sub Aqua Association. In all 23 campers were trained to scuba dive, many of which are planning to carry on the sport. There was also a snorkeling program for those not old enough to scuba, which a further dozen completed.

At the end of the summer half a dozen of the more experienced divers were taken to dive the fascinating rock formations underneath the Narrowsburg bridge in the Delaware River. This prove to be the high spot of the summer for the scuba program.

Jerry Purkis