This summer many things happened at Camp Ranger's Boy's Waterfront. The Munchkin division succeeded all others in learning swimming and water safety skills. The Bombers became great small craft experts this summer. As for the other divisions, well-their emphasis was not always at the lake but we'll see about next year.

Highlights of this year's waterfront included several canoe trips down Delaware. We had one day trips and one overnight. The overnight meant a lot a paddling-but everyone made it to the bottom-eventually!

Scuba diving played an important role in attracting campers to the lake. We have to thank our "Mother Country," England for allowing Jerry Purkis to join us this summer and share his expertise and enthusiasm with us. Many campers will leave camp with skills they wouldn't have learned at home.

Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side during Color War, and most of the division swim meets were rained out. However, some were able to join in serious and fun competitive events at the waterfront. Once again-until next year.

I want to thank Neil Katz, Ian Drachman, and Jerry Purkis for their help and participation at the Boys Waterfront this summer.

Mel Bergman