The calendar hangs on the wall in Jerry's office. I've seen the X's advance and consume the numbered boxes and closing the words "Mount Marcy" and "Canoe Trips." The last time I looked we were just about x'd out of time, so I began to look back at a summer at Ranger.

What first comes to mind is the lake. It is late afternoon the sun casts a shimmering gold streak on a glassy surface bordered by green pines and topped by a blue, puffy, white sky. Ah, if life could always been made of such perfection. Well the scene is quickly altered as Peg and her angels, followed by Rita's Debs, Judy's seniors and last but not least Beth and the Super girls descend upon these lovely shores.

The call goes out. Arlene, Anna, they're coming!
"Danny, could I...?"
"Sit down please"
"But you said I could have a kickboard."
"Arlene, Anna, Jerry... Help!"
The general swims were times of exuberance and were a bit of creativity as the buddy calls of the old days gave way to the "Foxy Fives" and "Sexy Sixes" of today.

We had a lot of fun down by the lake. What is equally important is that many girls are now better and safer swimmers.

For those girls who qualified and went on a canoe trip, the word "endurance" has taken on a new meaning. No one will forget the beauty of the 12 mile stretch of the Delaware, or the anticipation that builds when one first bears the distant roar of the next set of rapids.

I'm sure I speak for Arlene and Anna when I say that we've enjoyed spending the summer with few at Ranger. Have a happy and healthy winter and remember girls... KICK!

Danny Turner