Mountaineering is a challenge, an adventure, and experience more rewarding than ordinary life provides. It is an educational process that highlights and consolidates the learning moments that arises when a group of diverse people face the uncertainty of the mountains. In this setting you are given the chance to discover not only what you are, but what you can be.

You can be almost anything you want if you stick to a long enough.-Helen Keller

Mountaineering-You will expect to face challenges which will demand more of you than you expect of yourself. You may be in situations where you will need to put trust in the help of others and you will find yourself helping companions when the going gets hard for them.

If you don't try, you will never get. You learn by doing. The experience is for the unskilled and unexperienced as much as for the athlete and the expert.

Repelling-Make an effortless descent of a rock face, using a friction device on the rope.

Expeditions-Learn to plan where every ounce counts, construct your own shelter. Appreciate wild life camp craft- self- sufficiency- route plans and emergency routes-group decision making. Learn to put all the wilderness skills together into the experience of a lifetime.

Rock climbing-Feeling the thrill of space beneath your feet-an exercise in fluid movement and style, or sweat and guts against an endless variety of ancient rock; but protected with the safety of a top rope and the trust of your instructor.

Much thanks and appreciation to Steve Vincent, my loyal assistant and to Jenny Herman, Jon Slone, Donna Windheim, Steve Gruenstein, and Debbie Firsty without whom this program would have never been as successful.

Dave Adams and Steve Vincent