This summer's girls tennis program was truly a success. All instruction was either private or semi-private, affording each child in camp a numerous supply of quality tennis lessons. All scheduled tennis classes involved instruction, while free play periods afforded the girls time to engage in friendly hitting.

The competitive aspect of the tennis program was very successful. The girls were consistently victorious in inter-camp matches. To this children participating in inter-camp matches, a great deal of stress was placed upon strategy and most importantly on attitude. Inter-camps were also set up to benefit those girls who were not the best in their division, but who deserved the chance to experience the competitive side of tennis. This goal was also achieved through bunk ladder tournaments, division tournaments, and Ranger Cup.

Working on the tennis courts this summer was a great privilege for me. It has been a truly heart-warming experience to watch the progress the girls made in both their strokes and their attitude toward the game. This year's program would never have been such a success, for my very capable assistant Randi Woshler, and two very talented Aides, Janet Libby and Linda Sternberg.

Wishing you a very enjoyable winter.

Yours truly,

Craig Tover