Sadly, another wonderful summer at camp must come to an end. We opened the 1977 season just a little bit differently than ever before. Instead of the usual Fourth of July show this year we had an all camp quiz show. All questions were based on the United States-its past, its present, its history, its geography and its music. Remember, the camp was divided into four teams each recognized by a different sound. It was noisy but fun.

After celebrating the Fourth, we presented our first musical of the year Kiss Me Kate, a real delight to direct. Kate was beautifully performed by Ronnie Strelisker with Fred dynamically acted by Matty Barkoff. The combination was "Wundebar." Also in the cast where Jill Holtzman, a very poised performer, Barry Birnbaum, Brad Shumel, Tina Schechter, Naomi Kramer and of course who could ever forget those hilarious gangsters played by Matty Finkelstein and Mike Yodur.

After Kate we met Pinocchio, adorable chap played by Hally Glick, with a charming Jimmy Cricket played by Marla Porter. Also in the cast was Lara Leighton as the Blue Fairy, Abie Terzi as Peppetto, and Seth Karp, Jeff Beyda, Morris Antebi, and Rachel Antebi. These kids did a terrific job!

Following Pinocchio we met Abner and all the zany characters from Dogpatch. The cast of Li'l Abner consisted of Eric Bass as Abner, Steve Lichtman as Marryn Sam, Dana Levy as Daisy Mae, Marcy Rosner and Scott Morrell as Mammy and Pappy Yokum, Ricky Spiro as Bullmoose and Steve Reiken as Earthquake. Remember "Put Em Back" sung by the wives played by Pauli Tawil, Laura Furst, Shari Spector, and Ilise Kuba, and the kooky scientists who stopped the show (Gary Mann, Robert Glick and Mike Cohen). Last but not least a special appearance by Camp Ranger muscle men Paul Kaufman, Ricky Schwartz, Cleve Christie and Danny Badownick.

Next we met Tevye and all the citizens of Anatevka. it was a special joy to work with the cast of Fiddler on the Roof. remember "If I were a rich man" song and acted so tenderly by David Kaplan as Tevye. The poignant "do you love me" with Tevye and Golde (Rachel Schwartz). Other members of the cast were Tina Friedman, Stacey Silverman and Andrea Leighton singing the delightful match maker; Adina Olan as the funny Yente. These kids did a super job.

We said goodbye to Tevye and "Hi" to George, John, Paul and Ringo when we did our Beatlemania Revue. All the kids did a fantastic job, but we must give special thanks to the talents of Ronnie Schechter for putting together a superb medley for a superb chorus.

Following Beatlemania we met the kid from the ghetto in The Me Nobody Knows. I must give thanks to each and every cast member forgiving truly professional and meaningful performances. Thank you-Matty Barkoff, David Cutler, Bonnie Fein, Matty Finkelstein,