had men at first and second with two outs. The next batter lines single to center field, this kid STUART WARREN, picked up the ball and fired it home. SCOTTY made a lunge for the ball and the player trying to score. After the collision and after the dust cleared, the tag was made, their runner was out, and the game ended. Oh, by the way, the final score was 4-3, RANGER, so you see how important that play at the plate was. Let me also mention to you how great our pitcher was. He reminded me Sandy Kaufax. His name is WEE WILLIE BERG.
In the finals we played Impala. The pitching of Wee Willie and a hitting of SCOTTY kept the game close until the 4th inning when we erupted for 6 runs. From then on the game was a breeze. The final score was 12-2. Our MVP went to WEE WILLIE BERG, and the game ball to SCOTT GOTTDIENER who batted 6-7 and had two RBI's. We will always remember saving tag at the plate.

P.S.-I forgot to mention the people who were instrumental in the tournament running so smoothly; Ricky Schwartz, Bruce Cohen, Ronnie Hauben, Stan Chorney and Chett Friedman.