As the summer of '77 at Camp Ranger comes to an end tears form to every person's face. After two months Ranger has become our fantasy homeland, where every dream can come true. Children who were never able to hold a baseball bat on now able to go home and play a game of ball. Besides athletics, the people at Ranger learned to live with other people and make new friends.

We now present to you Ranger Trails - A memorandum of the many exciting events that went on at camp this summer. The editors of this issue of Ranger Trails would like to thank Jerry and Judy Turner for making this publication possible. We would also like to thank the counselors for having all of their articles in on time. Special thanks to Bill Schechter and Mitch Siegel for all that they have done to complete this issue of Ranger Trails. We what also like to give a special thanks to Howie Weitzner and Harold Whitehead for all that they have done for us this summer and in the past.

I what also like to thank everyone in camp who has made the summer of 1977 a most enjoyable one.

Have a happy and healthy winter.

Until next summer,

Rhonda Barkoff
Cleve Christie
Alyse Glaser