The waiter basketball team had a long and tiring season of 4 games. Led by starters Elliot Schwartz, Mitch Grabow, Gary Gableman, Jay Warren, and Steve Gonedes, the waiter team wound up with a record of 2 wins and 2 losses.

The season opened up against Camp Anawana, but due to lack of practice, the Ranger waiters were defeated by 4. The game high scorer from Ranger was Elliot Schwartz with 21 points. David Cutler also led the attack with his career high of 2 points.

The second game of the season, which proved to be the start of a winning tradition was against Camp Kennybrook. The Ranger waiters defeated Kennybrook by four points, because of high scoring of Elliot Schwartz with 21 points and Mitch Grabow with 12 points.

Alan next outing was against Camp Roosevelt, where the Ranger waiters were defeated by 1 point. Due to the older waiters staff at Camp Roosevelt, the Ranger waiters recruited counselor Chett Friedman to help lead the attack. With a been passed by Elliot Schwartz and a missed shot in the final seconds by Chett Friedman the Ranger waiters lost by 1 point. Adding to the losing effort Mitch Grabow and Jay Warren lead the Ranger attack.

Our final game, which proved to be most rewarding to the waiters was against the counselors. The waiters defeated the counselors by four points. The attack was lead by Jay Warren, Steve Gonedes, and Elliot Schwartz. Also helping in the victory were All Stars Mark (Cheeks) Klugman, Jeff (Power Forward) Silverman, Bob (skunky) Correl, Jeff (Marms) Marmelstein, Steve (Hound Dog) Davis, Andy (Salty) Stahl, Dave Hennik, Pete Halper, and finally our own Danny (INKY) Sadownick. Last but not least, our Bayside Bomber, Bennet Fogel.

The Waiters had a very satisfying season due to their victories and a post game celebrations.

Elliot Schwartz