The Great Working Girls!!!

As the camp year of 1977 comes to a close, we look back on all the great times we have shared together - going to sleep late, listening to Cindi Rogovin's mellow music, waking up early to the sound of Joe "Fricasse" Turner, Amy Holtzman yelling shut off the alarm, listening to Ilyse Berger and Ellen Gutterson bite at everyone, Robyn Reiken with her hands all over everything, Wendy Katz's friend never came for a visit (We hope to see her soon!), singing in the kitchen, eating with the waiting dad at the head of the table, and grand central station at 2:00.

As our departure nears up on us we are said to leave the jobs we have enjoyed so very much. We're sad to leave the friends we have come to know so well.

We shall miss playing tennis at rest hour, the volleyball games we had with the waiters, playing softball and going to guest dock to catch a few rays.

We want to thank Mark Berger for making this summer even more enjoyable, the OB's of Bunk 25, and for always keeping our spirits up, we want to thank Barry Kaplan for helping us put on the greatest show in Camp Ranger- The Me Nobody Knows.

Till the Aides of next summer come along...

All our love,

The Working Girls '77