The summer of '77 has been a fruitful and rewarding experience for the Supers and me. I tremendously enjoyed living and working with the division.

Rock climbing at Mount Cathalia was a great experience for the girls. By practicing at camp they were then able to apply their learnings elsewhere. This rock climbing trip was used as a preparation for the three-day expedition to Mount Washington, the highest mountain in the Eastern United States. The challenge and fun of the outdoors increased their enthusiasm about mountaineering.

The adventure of going down the Delaware River in a canoe was another experience for the Supers. First taking lessons at our own lake, the girls then put their skills to use. Working as a team, they paddled down the river and through the Ricky Ticky rapids. The girl stopped for lunch at the bank of the river and a trip was enjoyable for all.

One thing special concerning the Super's program was their days off. Every other week they looked forward to spending time together outside of camp. They spent various days at Monticello, Orange County Fair and Beaverkill. They enjoyed going to the movies as well as eating out.

The day spent at the Orange County Fair was a day worth remembering. We spent the entire afternoon and evening at the fair enjoying all the events. The variety of rides and food was indulged by everyone.

The Supers also spent many nights out during the summer. They went to an outdoor movie, roller skating and a Summer stock Theater to see the performance of Bye Bye Birdie. Once a week the girls went out at night to wash their laundry, eat ice cream and pizza.

The girls participated in many activities in camp. Tennis seemed to be the popular sport this summer, but sailing, softball, volleyball and basketball were also played. Inter-camp games were held throughout the summer and the Supers enjoyed the competition. The Supers performed the big show "The Me Nobody Knows." It was an excellent play concerning life in the ghettos.

I feel the most important objective of the Super's program was their contribution to the rest of the camp. They were great asset this summer helping with the office and in aiding counselors. I want to thank my campers as well as the counselors for making this a great summer.

Hope you have a good winter. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

All my love,