As a newcomer to Camp Ranger I knew I'd be in for many surprises this season. Fortunately, the pleasant surprises far out numbered the problems.

I found a group of campers who wanted more and more activity. Campers who related well to each other in the bunks. Campers who simply loved camp. All of this made my job and the counselors job much easier.

Speaking of the counselors, that me say that I was very fortunate to work with a staff of experienced and dedicated people. The O.B. counselor and my advisor - Steve Pelta; basketball commissioner - Chett Friedman; soccer commissioner- Bob Appenzeller; hockey commissioner-Stan Charney; softball commissioner- Tom Stark and our rookie of the year- Ricky Schwartz.

There were many highlights to this year's past season. Obviously, one of these highlights was the athletic competition. Our O.B. softball team swept to the championship in both the Ranger Invitational and the Impala Invitational Tournament. The achievements of the Senior & O.B. division in inter-camp play is known throughout the area. The culminating events of our athletic program was Color War and our league playoffs. The skills that our campers showed in these events was a pleasure to watch. The individual performers were given recognition and awards at our awards night ceremony. The Knicks and Mets will just have to wait a few more years.

The seniors also had a chance to show their theatrical skills. We put on the show "Kiss Me Kate." Every senior camper was given a part in this production. It was ahead of the season.

Many senior - O.B. campers took advantage of our excellent mountaineering and overnight programs. One group's excursion took them as far as Montreal. Other is spent 2-3 days "rock climbing," camping out or going on canoe trips. They all came back talking enthusiastically about their adventures.

The senior-O.B.'s had the opportunity to go on some specially planned trips geared to our own interests. Two outings that brought unanimous pleasure was the trip to Orange County Fair and the play "Bye Bye Birdie."

Camp Ranger provides all without opportunity to grow. I remember the anxious, tense faces of new campers and the gradual change into relaxation and comfort when Camp Ranger became home. I remember the crying at the end of the Color War sing-with the realization that they had to leave Camp Ranger (and their friends) so soon.

The friendships that were made at Camp Ranger were the true measures of a happy, successful summer. The senior-O.B. division was filled with these memories.

I want to express my appreciation to all the counselors and the campers of our division for making my summer at Camp Ranger a pleasant one.


Arnie Tischler