Senior girls at Camp Ranger during the 1977 season are to be congratulated. A division is nothing more than a group of people. Wrong!!!! The senior girls were so great this season because 38 campers and 8 counselors learned had a work successfully as a group.
The Senior girls opened the season at Ranger Playhouse with a marvelous production of "Kiss Me Kate" Ronnie Strelisker, Jill Holtzman, and Tina Schecter were our shining stars. The Seniors were again seen in "Lil Abner". Dana Levy, Marcy Rosner, Ilise Kuba, Pauli Tawil, Shari Specter, Laura Furst, and Lori Levy entertained us with their excellent singing and acting talents. Beatlemania was another show that displayed the fair singing voices of the Senior division.
Athletically, the Senior Girls proved themselves extremely spirited and very skilled. Inter-camp camp games volleyball, and the tennis invitational were some of the highlights of the season....
The Senior girls engaged in many special events this season. Bicycle hostles ending with a swim in the Feinberg's pool, canoe trips down the Delaware River, a day at Beaverkill, rock climbing, an evening at the Forestburg Theatre seeing the show "Bye Bye Birdie", overnights, and the exiting three-day trip to Arcadia National Park in Maine, not to mention Bunk 20's day off.....
Hats off to the counselors of the Senior Division: Alisa Brot, Donna Windheim, Rhonda Barkoff, Gail Kottler, Penny Klein, Nancy Davis, Jill Cohen, and Andy Conway. Their dedication made this summer a tremendous success. Thank you.
This summer was a marvelous experience for the entire division. Living with so many different personalities for an entire summer is not an easy task, but with patience and understanding, anything can be accomplished. The Senior girls have successfully learned to do this.......
I sincerely hope that the friendships made this summer will continue throughout the years.

Have a good winter.