Summer 1977

Dear Mom:

This summer has been the greatest. I could not have believed that we could have squeezed so much fun into eight weeks. One of the first special things we did was an overnight trip to Mount Cathalia. We were all delighted when we saw that we could climb our way through a rock cave. Some of the girls in my division went on a canoe trip down the Delaware River. Going down the rapids was scary, but fun. The best description of the trip was, "It was better than a motorcycle ride." The co-ed evening activities that our counselors planned were very special. The Eat Down, Human Anagrams, Counselor Bingo and the Dating Game were my favorites.

During the day we played our regularly scheduled activities, and we went on bicycle hikes, and walks to Kauneonga and Heller's farm. During the inter-camp games we were able to use the skills we had been practicing all summer. I think our division put on the best show of the summer, "Fiddler on the Roof" has such beautiful music, and we all had such fun performing it so well. Birthday Ball was the first artistically competitive event of the season. All four seasons put on great skits, and made beautiful cakes and hats. Spring was judged the winner. Color War was really spectacular. We all tried so hard for our teams, and cried at the end when Red and Grey were together again. The Orange County Fair was fantastic. I enjoyed all the exhibits and rides.

The summer ended with a Prom and a Banquet. Mom, I made such great friends at Ranger this year. I'm really looking forward to seeing them in camp again next summer.


A Debteen