As we come to the close of a very fruitful and successful camp season, I as group leader for the Bombers would like to mention some of the many achievements that were accomplished by the Bombers.

The Bombers went on many special trips. We traveled to the Orange County Fair, we went on several canoe trips, went ice skating at Kutchers Country Club, bowling at Liberty Lanes and participated in several overnights. To experience such events gave the campers and counselors a chance to learn new skills which they never had before.

Another important fact about the Bomber was their successful record in participating in inter-camp games. Some of the camps we played were Camp Roosevelt, Camp Anawana, Camp Olympus, and Camp Shane. The Bombers excelled in softball, soccer, newcombe and basketball.

For the first time in Bomber history, three leagues were formed. They were Bomber Diamond League, Bomber Hockey League, and the Bomber Soccer League.

Captains of the teams assumed all of the responsibilities from drafting their own players to making sure that all members were giving the best talents to the games played.

Color War had culminated our 1977 camp season with the winning of the GREY team and the hard effort and drive of the RED team. Win or lose the campers remained friends throughout the color war campaign. The quality of the sports played was a great reflection on what had been attained through the 1977 camp season.

My division was most professionally run by a highly qualified team of counselors that saw that each child developed better habits, attitudes and accomplishments of camp life. They were Steven Weinstein, Ron Hauber, Paul Goldberg, Eli Tishberg, Ben Fuchs, and Ross Herman.

As I reflect back personally to my summer of 1977 at Camp Ranger the gratification that I have from working with a very dedicated staff and team of group leaders was overwhelming. The friendships with my children and counselors will always be most reminiscent.

Yours Truly,
group leader