The weekly activities for the inters included periods of tennis, Israeli dance, rock sliding behind Bunk 10, go carts, swim instruction, boating, general swim and the various lawn games.

Occasionally we had roller skating on boys' side, making diamond rings with Bob Stranger, breakfast at the waterfront after a canoe trip around the lake.

Evening activities included a co-ed campfire and "canteen nights," "bunk nite" and pizza parties, Dr. Seuss movies, Ranger Races and bowling were also memorable times for us. The masquerade ball showed the rest of the camp that we weren't just cute!

The hay rides we had this summer were firsts for all of us. The rides ended with Inters singing by a fire side waiting for the sizzling hot dogs.

Our "across the street" overnights were successes for Bunks 8,9, and 10 but Bunk 7's was interrupted by BUGS!

The spectacular array of games, rides, mime, puppet and magic side shows, 4 H crafts and animal husbandry exhibits entertained the Inters at the Orange County Fair.

Our prom, award, banquet nights and candle lighting ceremony were the way we closed the season for the Summer of '77.

However, without the coordination, cooperation, insight, foresight as well as the caring of Vicki Berger and Natalie Mester in Bunk 7; Cindy Bukzin and Linda Belsky in Bunk 8; Debbie Rappaport and Debbie Dunier in Bunk 9 and Renay Jormack and Sheri Steurenthal in Bunk 10 the Summer of '77 wouldn't have been as enjoyable and memorable.

Counselors, for myself and the Inters, I sincerely Thank You!

Pegg Gartland
Group Leader