The 1976 Munchies were a unique combination of personalities who contributed much to the atmosphere and spirit at Ranger. As we review the events of this camp season, it is not the winning or losing which the endures, but rather the individual qualities of our boys which blended together to make our efforts successful.
Ranger offered each Munchkin the opportunity to grow at his own pace in activities such as tennis, arts and crafts, boating, swimming, nature and drama. At the same time the concept of teamwork was fostered in the areas of softball, newcomb, hockey, and basketball.
Our trips to the Catskill Game Farm, ice skating, bowling, and go-carting gave each camper meaningful additions to this camp experience.
Encouragement, instruction, and compassion were provided to our campers by a fine group of counselors. Our staff included Warren, Alan R., Perry, Alan A., Paul, Bennett, Ron, Gary, and Dave were always there to help make adjustments to camp life smooth and enjoyable for their children.
Often during this past summer, situations arose which required a special kind of handling. At these times we turned to Aunt Carol for suggestions and guidance. She never let us down. I know that my first summer at Ranger was made more enjoyable why her presence.
If the summer smiles of the 1976 Munchkins were like raise of sunshine, we could like the world.

Al Diamond