Danny Schwartz- Ilene, a day without damaging the car, "B" team basketball star, nice half
Todd Schwartz- a girlfriend for the whole summer, a fightless bb game, a weekend pass, Schnoz, Paul's Potpourri
David Sperling- nice beard, Conscientious counselor of the year award, a dressed up prom, a co-counselor
Craig Tovar- a 10X magnifying mirror to examine the face with, perfectly groomed, I love her, I love her not, I love her...
Brent Traiger- his own private tennis courts so he won't get into arguments, his own car
Steve Vincent- clothes to spare, soccer counselor next year, Donna this year, C.W. for assistant
John Wicknertz- a flyfree bunk, a color TV for second month of camp, a nice Afro
Bennett Windheim- Bette Midler, a track team, a bigger part into play, Bonita
Billy Muirhead- a gymnasium
Jeff Drimer- a judgeship, a golden age camp, I once was the best counselor
Seth Silver- a pioneering schedule, box of Devil Dogs
Andy Turschan- a lacrosse stick