David Cutler- a colony in Scandinavia, Maribell, panning, the lead, counselors at his tables, Go back to France
Dean Rubine- Tanya, the waste, Marcia, a winning plaque, common sense J.T. for next door neighbor, fried eggs, Myron, good stack
Mark Klugman- cachete, too much, panning, a silent night, Maaark, lumpy, an Afro, a tray for himself, a night with E.S.
Evan Cohen- Omar, Bomar, Pyro, Orville, Fire is fun, Tanya, Sue Gruen, Charles Manson, Yo Basil Omar, new style of glasses
To the Bunk- pick-up, Willie Blood, Robert, Hugo, Katharine, Steve, Speed, Arthur, Cochie Lee, Shorty, Jerry, Byron, fines
Barry Abramowitz- Perry, a night on O.D.
Allan Abramson- ounces and pounds
David Addams- Limey, power king of the overnight, a new friend in America, fresh bag of apples, a new jump rope
Neil Barkoff- a tube of clearasil
Stan Chauney- tube of glue, cleanup list, map to his bed at night, a referee book, a sloppy Joe from Steve
Al Diamond- involvement
Mitch Feldman- a double birthday party, a double cherry, bottoms up and down
Chet Friedman- Howie, a girlfriend, religious underwear, ace
Perry Friedman- nickels and dimes, a waitress with the same last name
Neil Gerritt- 3 tissues, comic book, unlucky sign
Paul Goldberg- his own clothes, a good tooth, a box of Friehoffers a Barry Mollengarten doll, someone to play paddleball
Ronald Hauben- a book of witty sayings
Billy Hutner- a summer job with little work, a summer without getting hurt, a little deeper lake
Gary Itkin- a crew cut
Neil Katz- a joke or a smile, while on duty
Charlie Kellman- hair, physique, "handle it", a new car
Richie Klein- hair, physique, an extra O.D., a beard, girls, Connie Jill, Randi, Donna, etc.
Warren Knepper- a trip to Brooklyn, a hair weave
Kenny Korder- a car that doesn't bottom out, an affair with the basketball
Jeff Mutterperl- Chet, Vito, Smut, Acearo, a place to Duff, a beard, Beating Victor one on one, starting on the "B" team
Larry Pearlman- Raab, a week in A.H., a do not disturb sign, a lock, a new lip
Steve Pelta- once in love with Aimee, a van all his own, Judy's best friend
Ray Porter- a mirror, a hair dryer, R.B. and S.R., the CITS, a good looking co-counselor, show, a 6:30 reveille
Brian Reimer- a phone call, another card to hang, M.F., General, Counselor of the Year, another day off, untouchable bed
Jeff Ruskin- an H.C. to love, Saddle River Day Camp, a leak in the new gym, a permanent mouthpiece, a full day's work
Jack Schnitt- a day without sleep, Roberta for weekend, one more year of camp, stamps, T. and D., a share of AT and T