Mitch Weitzner- a leak in the roof, swimming lessons, Debbie Stanger, a good hoop league team, body like Paul Kaufman's
Alan Wald- a pass from a teammate, a girlfriend, stamps, a box to carry home, all the trophies he thinks he's getting
Danny Sadownick- a clean pair of underwear, a new pair of purple shorts, a drum set, a haircut, a can of Right Guard
Bunk 26
Mitchell Siegel- GAA, B.H. doll, cellophane towel, flying trunk, flushing lessons, new shampoo
Jeff Nardozza- a combination lock, food for all, a nose job, his own laundry service, Horshack, Moon Mullins
Steven Genedes- a new trunk, a new back, a new eye, a new cookie, a new brain, llllike a chicken
Steven Davis- a maid, a girlfriend, modesty, hounddog, a trophy less summer, 2 maids, Color War capt., 3 maids
Mitchell Grabow- a boyfriendless girlfriend, Brondaid Mist, more tapes, more nighttime visitors, another day off
Andy Stahl- a few complaints, another day off, a nose job, a love doll J.D. and K.K., a Puerto Rican girlfriend, V.R. the 9th hole
Steve Taber- Stevie, Boris, Shel, Basic, normal hair, a starting position on the B-ball team, $22, Freddy Baby
Cleve Christie- Grover, basic, lips, basic gut, a week of straight waiting, Yo!
Larry Hempel- Shari Epstein, assorted underwear and socks, happy dreams
Harvey Mutterperl- a body, a night, a week with Bonnie, a part in the play
Bobby Appenzeller- a night, a week with Bonnie, apart in the play
Elliot Schwartz- the hook, climb every mt., cigar, competing with one half of boys camp
Robert Halper- gambler, G.H.3, Wendy Katz
Larry Goldstein- a continuous bank account
Brad Perlow- his own clothes, the farm girl, and Idaho Potato, gruey, Baby Schmeck, Ralphy boy, flip flop, Mr. cheerful award
Jeff Stranger- Panning, hockey, Myron, Mr. Gymnastics, Mr. Universe, look alike sister, on a raid, MVP
Jeff Silverman- Burg, Popeye, "Ed Zeppelin", Cheryl, Cachete, a softball league, Do you remember me?, panning
Bob Corell- skunky, R.O.Y., Rocket man, big Bob, a hockey stick for a spear
Greg Weitzner- Mr. Tennis, the Trampoline, the Hippie, Tina S. socks for tennis
David Druckman- a set of new towels, you killed me, the snake killer, Alyse the piece, my building, sweatshirt, panning
Lenny Weinstein- Linda, unbreakable glass, Rip van Weinstein, last week of camp, panning, Mr. Sportsmanship, cachete