In the summer of 1976 we:

sang a song,
played an inter-camp game,
climbed mountain,
perfected our tennis serves,
the two sail and canoe,
starred in a Ranger Playhouse production,
saw great movie,
challenged a bunkmate in backgammon,
shouted a color-war cheer,
swam in our beautiful Silver Lake,
ice-skated at Kutchers,
went to our annual U. J. A. carnival,
listened to a fantastic band at our prom,
caught a ball,
smell the skunk,
met new British and French counselors,
created beautiful bunk plaques,
saw a rainbow,
became mystified at a magic show,
learned a new Alma Mater,
participated in a Volleyball clinic,
made beautiful projects in Arts and Crafts,
played guitar,
got a package from home,
jumped on a trampoline,
ate fantastic Ranger cookies and pastries,
boogied at the canteen,
drank milk with Aunt Ruth,
threw a water-balloon at our Camp waterfight,
gazed at the stars on a cool, crisp, August eve,
received an award,
met a new friend,
confided in a counselor,

1976... I'll miss your summer, a summer of smiles, growth, fun, care and love.

To " mine group-leaders," specialty counselors, and bunk counselors, your concern, care, devotion, dedication, and support made the summer our best ever.

Ranger is the greatest:
how do I know?
I say so...

The happy and healthy this winter.

I hope we can all " Great to great new day" together in 1977.