Wayne Olan- a new singing voice, Jodi, a baseball game without a bunt, new Fries
Gavin Christie- a girl has size, night tennis, a kidnapping by Carl, Jenny, asleep with Dave
Dave Licker- a new gym teacher, a Feller to play with, Mother of the bunk award, asleep with Gavin, a jump shot
Bunk 23
William Berg- some rowdiness, a new pair of P.J.'s, senior records
Mike Berman- a full summer with J.H., more opinions, more younger brothers, some more raids
Howie Davis- an unconceited brother, a softball team, a puppy dog
Andrew Feldman- a pizza every night, a package from his sister, a sleeping bag, a pair of white underwear
George Friedman- a new hockey stick
Jeff Glick- a tool chest, messy cubbies, more toys to play with
Paul Kaufman- modesty, a 98 pound weakling, a year's supply of tank tops
Lance Kuba- a friend who's not from Oceanside, a heavy experience, Charlie Emil, a sound effects box, burping lessons
Gary Moelis- MVP of the hockey league, a hitting record, a year supply of black and whites, an office job
Brad Shumel- a lifetime supply of comic books, Mush Mouse, neatness award, a clean basketball, a bath
Steven Tesch- new expressions, a shaving commercial, a fraction he does not know, a girl friend
Bunk 24
Victor Berg- a bicycle hike, Golden Boy, Monkey Face can of Bazini nuts, nice stereo, bananas, I got to use the facilities
Steve Gruenstein- Robert Baker, another argument, and untouched tape recorder, basketball privileges at Main Office
John Sloane- MVP in hoop league, a made for his cubbies, a working antenna, Red Man, Electric Lady Music awards, more food
Robert Baker- Mr. Mountaineering, nice hoop league team, rocket ship, sleep, walking stick, rising
Mike Dinowitz- Brontosaurus Burger, Hoops star, 3 quarters in a Hoop League Game, Wilma Flintstone, a clean single, wedgie
Alan Gardner- a new pair of glasses, a sister who was not better in basketball, a basket for his own team, 25 pt. average
To the Bunk- a day without argument, to duff or not to duff, Vito, Gardnerelli, Monkey Man, J.R., Cad, Caveman, Grubner
Bunk 25
Peter Levy- a reserved spot behind the tennis courts, a vacuum cleaner, a color war capt. position, MVP award in hockey
Gary Gableman- father of the year award, a starting spot on the math team, a new pair of pajamas, Shelley Raab, a foul shot