Bunk 20
Jeff Bangel- Bagel, animal, wild-man, hoop, relocated for misconduct Bunk 17, space cadet, new wire cutters
Robert Glick- Beaver, short stuff, mouth cheeks, small sister, big brother, top cat, MVP trophy polished, nose everywhere
Jeff Felder- nice mug, nice hair, nice body, nice clothes, nice mouth, swaps with Limey, arts and crafts, big trouble, clown
Alan Gaspin- pretty boy, backgammon champ, just a friend, Chico, Richie Rich, puff b-ball, Bayside, goalie, instant mouth
Scott Gottdiener- that's not fair, racket, overnight star, Melissa, late raids, freckles all over, nice temper, no way
Jeff Lipton- tea, another Lipton, hides behind trees, might ever, plastic navy, Capt. coordinated, nice athlete
Greg Nardozza- Italian veal sandwiches, cool, dreams of calculus, whiz kid, I don't go to services, permanent clothes, towels
Keith Regan- Bob's best friend, favorite camper, horseback riding, banned from A. and C. smile a minute mouth, Limey's pal
William Shilkoff- lost knife, few words, Sports Illustrated, nod once for yes, twice for no, puzzles on toilet, freckles
David Karp- world champ snorer for life, quiet, dollars to spare, heavy trunk, nice guitar, 2 steps to first, nice hustle
Steven Fisher- nice tuna fish, super athlete, 20/20, big mouth, most popular, letters home, goodbye
Bunk 21
Dave Novick- Danny Weinberg, David Licker, and the rest of bunk 22, a wriggly worm, a catcher's mitt
Dave Nachenberg- a cool friend besides Dave Novick, an electric razor, a baffled smile
Joe Blum- breakfast in bed, his own synagogue, a non-detachable yarmulke, and the I am always right award
Mario Ruiz- a sane bunk, a swim meet, a bed next to Amazon, and a copy of Penthouse
Robert Amazon- a country club, Jodi Escava without a Spanish playmate, the truth, the coolest guy in the bunk award, clean Poly Prop shirt
Bunk 22
Neil Federer- Doy, Boom Boom, new friends, a haircut, fries, a girlfriend," Wait till next year for the peach, Jenny"
Danny Weinberg- a winning hockey team, a new attitude, Gary Simon, eternity in Teaneck, hair styling lessons
Gary Simon- Danny Weinberg, G-d's gift, a girlfriend for the entire summer, a comb and a mirror, Pauline
Cliffy Rucker- a new hoop league captain, his own sneakers, that date with Allison, a new chest, come back six feet tall
Joe Nicoletti- nice cough, broken windows, Dawn, Jenny, smoke signals