Joe Burach- harmonica, 18 pizzas, a license to bug counselors, loudest voice award
Jay Lefkowitz- an award for comedian of the year, Yabba dabba doo
Alan Rothman- a broom that works, a year is supply of Dr. B's, a brother to beat on
Bunk 18
Adam Stranger- a maid, a new window, Dana, sleeping pills, permanent stacker, Capt. America
Larry Tesch- Baron Touchie von Tesch, first sweep, nice bed, Laura, hook from T, a streak of lightning
Edwin Bruyning- Puerto Rican connection, the hook from Beth, way no a package
Glenn Schuster- Who? animal noises, cap Richie Rich comics
Eric Bass- nothing about girls, nice hairdo
Ricky Spiro- visine for his eyes, a visit to the infirmary, Dale, Laura, Melissa and Tara
Phil Goldstein- uncle Flip, Alfalfa, all right then, Hey I don't want to hear it, Shari, Merkle
Scott Rubine- Ruby, a basketball, nice walk, Melissa H., a trip to the hoop finals
Wayne Firsty- Benny, Mr. Secret Man, "Someone stole my tennis balls, where's my shaving cream", Shari, Eddie, General Debbie
Jerrold Fruchtman- Fruchter, a week vacation, Pauli and Melissa, Rich Little award, Artful Dodger, toilet paper
To the Bunk- Dr. B's, the band, Capt. America, nice cleanup, a pillow fight, my tapes and deck, Flip's chain
Bunk 19
Steve Lichtman- a sun tan, a year's supply of sloppy Joe's for his counselor, enough idiots to play his raffles
Gene Barr- a voice with lower volume, a gymnastics league, a private hairdresser
Lee Goldberg- louder voices, somebody to sit on his bed, a basketball league
Harold Newman- a hat rack, a private maid, basketball lessons
Matty Barkoff- extra heavy duty support underwear, a permanent audience, a private torture chamber to be tortured in
Matt Finkelstein- a private torture chamber to torture other people in, Girls, girl, and of course sweet Melanie
Eric Solomon- a nose to blow, private lessons with Walt Frazier on how to dribble a basketball, dungarees
Barry Birnbaum- a large box of tissues, a tennis victory, a hair straightener
Michael Yudin- a new hairdo, a new accent, lessons on keeping a cubby clean, a chest protector
Brad Roth- some meat on his body, another 10 years of guitar lessons