Barry Glassman- BAS, a jump suit, "I want to go home"
Barry Hirsh- the leading role, a night brace, a mustache
Joe Cubbs- 4 more weeks, K.C. Cubbs
To the bunk- late night stereo, a waiter
Bunk 14
Stuart Warren- two franks a night, a package with doritos
David Kass- a flash light, no pigs at the table, the main office, Ikey and Jon
Ikey Escava- a neat bed, a neat cubbie, Brian's bed to sleep in, A puzzle, Jon and David
Stephen Krauss- a lollipop, a package of iced tea
Jon Judd- an Ikey and David doll, a burglar proof candy bag, beatle tapes, Char-ills
Adam Geiger- a baby bird to take care of
Scott Kleinman- Pauline Tawil, a jock strap
Andrew Fink- the infirmary, a cup of coffee every morning, 3 cases of apple juice
Bunk 15
Larry Roberts- a pair of thumbs
Mark Lipton- a neat bed
Luis Pagan- the English language
Fred Harran- clean sheets
Gary Mann- a pair of fins
Alan Deutschman- Comp. 2 tennis racket to beat Stacy Kaufman with
Bunk 16
Jose Pagan- Shat up, Puerto Rican Power
Matt Cohen- a trip to the infirmary, let's do some more woodwork, Ron leave me alone
Ron Polansky- Master of verbal abuse, zip the big little guy, given a marage
Stacy Kaufman- get off my bed, feel my muscles, let me have some food
Jeff Knoll- chipmunk, cutie pie, Tom thumb, a little home fries from BF
Monte Haber- Montecue, underwear, Don Juan, shut the door
Dave Lampert- Brooks, new stationery, Hellooo Barry, Miss perfect, not when I'm eating
Spencer Marmelstein- a post office, new cheeks, a new image, Pretty Boy
Bunk 17
Edmundo Lluberes- a sister that everyone talks about, a Venezuelan lover, all "American" lover award
Eric Rosenthal- bronzed roller skates, a floor big enough to hold his clothes, 3 letters a day
Matt Charles- more gruel, a good talk while sleeping, a Barry look alike