Bunk 10
Jimmy Betesh- truth serum, an appointment to the vidal sassoon salon
Ralph Tawil- "Swear to G-d," by Frankie Vallee and the 4 seasons, a lil' Ralphie doll, supply of Hawaiian punch powder mix
Ralph Escava- Bottle of "Whine" a new Yankee baseball cap, a lifetime supply of applejacks, peanut butter and chocolate syrup
Jack Gindi- a maid and a game of hide and seek
Sean Welby- a gymnastics teacher and box seats at the red fence
Scot Milchman- new fishing equipment which includes worms and his own private dock
David Stampfer- an imperfect bed and sweeper of the year award
Gerald Cohen- a trout filled lake
Bunk 11
Mitch Goldman- a package from Las Vegas, a fudgetown lover, bathing suits that never dry, tons of goldfish, Flintstone vitamins
David Kaplan- greased lightning of his own, electric drumsticks, Gary
Phil Nadal- a saxophone, a brownie bakery
Jon Gassman- Sharon Druckman and her pillow case, a nice mug, my knee hurts to and a sleeping bag
Stu Goldstein- Fruit Loops every morning, sloppy bed, Kenny and his dog Hever
Steven Streichler- a younger brother, lazy day every day
Todd Schnitt- a spill each meal, eggs with mustard, a package more than Phil
Eddie Meyer- Oscar Meyer, a different story every minute, a girlfriend named Andrea, two pairs of underwear a week
Bunk 12
Secundino Diaz- Private English lessons, someone who isn't afraid of him
Robert Lapinsky- some excitement, scuba lessons
Jay York- a years supply of Charleston Chews, a package, a day without a fight, a Howie Liebrader doll
Alan Weinstein- a box of tissues, a back problem, Steven Rubenstein
Howie Liebrader- a personal maid, a good set of ears so that he can listen when his counselors talk, a Jay York doll
Steven Lampert- his brother, a phone call from home, a laugh, a maid, a pair of sneakers
Howie Lazoff- his brother, Gabrielle
David Itkin- an unbroken bed, a new older brother, a bathing suit
Bunk 13
Larry Schott- Jackie Jokers, Andrea
Rich Karp- a question, fish, modesty
Jeff Lichtman- sloppy joes, a smile, sportsmanship
Scott Morrel- chills for Chas, a phone pass, a candy store
Mike Cohen- Master, a smirk, "Skip it"