Bunk 6
Drew Schnitt- next 25 years at camp Ranger, Uncle Jack
John Milchman- a can of worms, "Notha One," "Blob"
Troy Gregory- Troy the toy boy, boxing gloves
Zachery Berman- an arsenal
Eric Gatoff- Muncho of the mouth, a soccer ball, a bandaid
Nathan Escava- Indi 500, a maid
Bunk 7
Joe Speicman- boxing gloves
Sam Marcos- a happy visiting day
Morris Antebi- an automatic bedmaker and a maid for all other work
Josh Gatoff- all leftovers and double desserts
Jeff Gindi- a leash to keep him in one place
David Lasloff- 88 keys
Robby Deutchman- a high volume voice box
Jon Green- a 24 hour personal doctor
Bunk 8
Kevin Geiger- a brother and sister, a hook, purple socks
Robbie Applebaum- Marla, Over and Over, french lessons, monkey bars
Todd Streichler- Marnie, Stacey, someone to pick on, pizza stains
Scott Gardina- Leslie, his own sleeping bag, water skis
Peter Kapner- Fuzzy slippers, a package from home, two front teeth
Sean Cohen- Bungalow Colony, something to care about, Bungalow Colony, comic books, Bungalow Colony
Kenny Hochman- "The Hoch" a truck he made himself
Jonathon Felder- a brother, a maid, speed lessons, overalls in 100 degree weather
Bunk 9
Morris Dweck- boating and fishing every Saturday
Matthew Benjamin- enough laundry for the Green Bay Packers
Michael Bocian- slightly soiled (that's her name)
Howard Furst- a neat bed and a substitute at every meal
Joey Taube- a quiet afternoon with nothing to say
Perry Fishbein- Whaaaat! You lolo manicana, a good summer next year
Bret Gelber- his gay socks
Jose Diaz- no comprende, a go cart, his own speedway