Cindy Schenker- the day off with no problems, peeping tom, "don't hassle me," another night at a basketball game
Banita Schrank- volcanoes, toy boy Roy
Amy Streilisker- Amelia, a back scratcher, mad dogs and Englishman, sugar smacks every morning and night
Randi Subotsky- a box of prunes, a lazy day that lasts the whole day tennis racket with the life long lasting grip
Linda Tsui- a picture of Cindi, a night at the waterfront, the only yellow belly in camp, extended wardrobe
Sue Wald- a letter or two or three..., a 12:05 discussion with Rena, Ellen's radio, some sleep, Re the Dr.- The good news is...
Donna Windheim- a trip to England, and overnight visitor after camp, leaving camp every night next year, luck and happiness forever
Gill Wood- a drink, an unmarried man from N.J., trip to N.Y.
Rena Druckman- coordinator next year, smiles, a boyfriend to call her own, love and happiness in school
Penny Klein- ten-teen, "You're docked," painted face, a pretty girl, the Ranger eating award, Alan's princess
Beth Klugman- pearls, whistle, yoyo, boys bunk 22, dancing lessons with Craig, Jules and Claire
Ellen Schmerler- a free birthday drink at the Lighthouse next year a surfboard, the camp Ranger P.Q. award, Oh Ellen
Sheri Steurenthal- Ohay., a broken reveille record, counselor of the division award, friends who care
Linda Such- a bunk that listens to her, a cup of tea, a letter, a few more trips out of camp, a bathing suit top that fits
Dave Silver- the good news and a bad news, dynamite staff, a happy and healthy winter
Girl's staff- peace, love and happiness-without you it couldn't have been
The bad news, it's over.
The good news, Welcome summer of 77-Yeah