Roseanne Altman- shirts, Stan, a summer without the infirmary, Brooklyn and Florida
Linda Belsky- a day off to sleep, lots of mail and males, a long hair cut, all the colors in the palette and the best of everything
Lauren Baker- a whole summer at Camp, a funny laugh, talks at night, some visitors at Stoney Brook
Rita Birnbaum- raisins, a happy Bar Mitzvah, a tennis court in heaven, steak at the Red Barn, a mean streak
Chris Brightman- a bar, pajamas, nice voice and a doglette, meeces
Judie Corell- baked chicken, bunks 13 and 20, a night's sleep, an H.C. that goes to Beaverkill, grass in your playground
Abby Davis- a new dance program, a boyfriend for the whole summer
Peg Gartland- a permanent bunk, a permanent staff, a wheatgerm and prune sandwich, Charlie, a great group leader and division
Alyse Glasser- a tennis player who doesn't stop serving, professional tennis lessons, long nails, Ladies night at Veras, another sister to share her room with, satiated appetite
Ilene Grossman- Robin's wardrobe, Donny, a night at the Lighthouse, David and Steve, screech
Jill Gutterson- an accurate camp timer, arising at reveille, 5 OD's in a week
Amy Hodash- a long playing tape from Jimmy, a happy whole summer, a bunk and co-counselor who loves her and always will
Fran Itzkowitz- staff table steak, archery award, a musical score book, a law job, authority, head judge, "Aunt Ruth wants to live with the Aides next summer"
Corey Jacobs- our own sneakers, 2 double heart rings, a bike hike, a personal maid, trunk of borrowed clothes
Liz Jentzer- a Jack, a big blue phrog, an option period
Andrea Kaplan- Ruth Kaplan, a hair net, an engagement ring, a night alone at the Homowak, to live happily ever after with Seth
Arlene Kafka- a waterfront of her own
Meryl Kramer- Mitchi, Frito-freak, nice trip, Meryl for coordinator, Nice mug, Sidney
Lynn Landas- clean hands, a night at a.c., which way did he go George? From J.T. to J.D.
Shelly Leibel- take one guess, a lifeguard story, Cori, Dave, Dave, money to spend on her last day off
Debbie Naiztat- an alarm clock that never goes off, a skinny, curly haired boy, a boyfriend who is slowww good
Aimee Plump- self confidence-lessons on how to say no politely, a new last name so Mitch and Larry won't laugh, Pelta as a friend
Ronnie Schecter- TPF, storyteller, "Don't mess with me I have perfect pitch," the red fence with the red head
Amy Schectman- Warren, patched pants Bob, my friend, one free night, a kiss from bunk 20