Carolyn Wasserheit- a lifeguard, a sleeping bag, a real pimple, switchies


Cindi Rogovan- Donnie and Chett, a card or 2 from Sue, Shelley Raab, a mirror, harmony, assumptions-best buy, pizza, diet
Ilyse Berger- Jap look of the year, bottle of Maalox, one eye constant sleeper, diet to gain weight, summer flying D.D.
Ellen Gutterson- fascinated Lady, Bayside Jap, tight clothes, 12 months with K.G. 4'11", flaunter
Lisa Klugman- Lisa slept, I can't hear without my glasses, high-pitched voices, a year without awards, sleep talk
Wendy Katz- "I love her the best in camp," tube tops, sliding into second base, 12 months with K.G., Kram, Guttzalla
Amy Holtzman- "community chest," Schenker fan club, "I'm so different at home," I love N.B. and , color war pig, love at first sight... Schwartzes
Waitresses and office girls
Shari Epstein- everything doubled, neurotic person I, kep, Honey suckle divin, I'm finally over..., new attitude
Randi Kohn- neurotic person II, kep, archery field, headband, join the NAVY, and overseas letter, R.B. and S.E. competition
Rhonda Barkoff- alto amigo de muchacho, a red (fire) fit, a surprise visit from J.G., one way ticket to South Carolina
Laura Friedman- a candlestick, Shari's cousin, WNEW-FM, one night flings, a cast, Lifeguard 76, Bayside boy, no letters
Jaine Myron- stacked up, a speed trip home, Mothernature, peace, love and bell bottoms, wow man its natural, Motherjugs
Laurie Geller- night with P.F., a vaulting pole, a secret admirer, getting into it, a leaping jump, reveille
Randi Zipperman- another cheek, a lead in the show, an automatic poop, gas chamber, a gold tooth, high heels
Debbie Geller- a bed in the waitress bunk, an alarm clock, a door knocker, first one to the kitchen, an O.D. night without skunk
Sheryl Moelis- doubles, another card, a room at El Monacos, midnight walks to kitchen, date with N.G. that he pays for
Leslie Schott- a date with Joe Vito to the lighthouse, Rob and S.F., and everlasting friendship with Shari, penguining


sunflower seeds, a day awake, an activity, a mop on door, a working blow dryer, lots of love and happiness to the closest and best waitress and O.G. bunk ever. We love you forever