Bunk 20
Randi Geiger- "Claws," uch my hair, leader of the pack, a dorito factory, Paul and Korder
Beth Rosenblatt- a taller guy, zits, nipsy ooh vay, a jewish boyfriend, Gavin
Robin Stoller- Barbara Streisand, eagle, the nose, I'm on a diet 6 meals a day, 3 muskateers
Stacey Kleinman- where's my classes, her own noxema, do you love me?, a diet, a normal scream
Lori Feller- Natasha, LICKER, the fonze, straight hair, a retainer
Denise Lampert- Glick, Booie down, a good kiss, a permanent Jeremy trampoline, peanut butter and jelly
Karen Lapinsky- yakety yak, Denise, Listerex, normal bed, a phony diet
Jodi Escava- boys camp, the kitchen staff, Ruben and/or Umberto, neatness counts, Benita, Amazon
Jodi Gregory- EAGLE, a steady boyfriend, a comb, first to the window, general of color war
To the bunk- a day off, boys bunk #22, a successful raid, getting along and of course hugs and kisses, US
To Chris and Amy- an award for being able to control bunk 20
Cit I
Maribel Llubares- Jose, Andy, Cuddles, I can't believe it, Nicholetti, P.R., Maybelline addiction, Jimmy (N..), 67
Debbie Stanger- clomcy shoe, 10:00 reveille, N.. doll, puppets, a sturdy bed, I.S.T.C.
Tanya Wolin- Jeff G., stars, guitar, slanted bed, Lieutenant, drips, mime, a raid, your credentials are showing
Linda Windheim- Lenny, guitar, skunk, blue eyes, a night with sunshine tennis at night, just good friends
Shelley Raab- Ray, June 21, (60, 61, 62?), a one level bed, sooner or later ____ is going get you, a friend that never came D.D. to N.P., Ryan
Susan Gruenstein- Brad, the raid, alarm clock, The Cohens, drips, a waterfall, Dave Adams coat, a personal credential

Cit 2

Bonnie Fein- Bobby baby, extended curfew, what cloud this time? giggles, close the door
Cheryl Felton- I'm so upset... no really, extended reveille, Silverberg not, little sisters
Janet Libby- I'm going to break up with him, what are you a maniac U.S. open Linda vs. Janet
Lori Rosner- a package, and unexpected award, a summer beau, sugar and spice and everything nice
Mindy Schuster- M.D.S.S., the 3 reasons, talks with Carolyn,AAy, AAy, Mindy, AAy why do you stahl?

Linda Sternberg-

to go to Framoten with Dom, The best in all of Ranger? How the like your sugar? A lucky night with Pam