Fran Weinberg- perfect hair, Fran and who, Fran and she wishes beep beep beep, a collection of tapes for the ideal Bas Mitzvah
Sim Ezratty- switchies with Melissa, Jill Holtzman's clothes, a moment of silence, bread and russian dressing
To the bunk- Rhonda, freihofers, 2 months supply of pizza, ketchup and potato chips, Cheryl, Bunk 31, love, happiness and wow a really really great winter
Bunk 16
Tina Schecter- tennis 24 hours a day, 3 showers a day, a broom for first sweep, a permanent perminent
Tami Kornblum- S.S. and B.B., fuzzy wuzzy, a new word, all the president's men
Melanie Gold- a place for her and her hamsters, a wedding on guest lawn
Marla Corell- "Whiskey" a raid that she is not to tired to get up for a better position on the tennis team
Jill Holtzman- a tall boyfriend, a song to sing, a bottle of plant spray
Linda Cohen- a boyfriend for more than a week, a sewing kit, Robin's pillow
Robin Cohen- a cover up stick, some new sheets for Bobby
Lori Levy- a bottle of alcohol, a bar of soap, an American boyfriend
Bunk 19
Mimi Schwartz- a boyfriend, a walk to talk to, Big T's, a library in the bathroom, someone to blow her hair
Karen Spiro- fingernails to chew, Jeff Lipton, a call every Wed.
Karen Siegel- tumble weed, pill to make her gain weight, aspirin, more fights with Corinne
Debbie Firsty- a pioneering trophy, a fast boy, meaner words, a fight with dawn
Jenny Herman- a summer without a broken bone, a brush that won't walk away, a letter from Paul, normal laugh, trampoline
Diane Haber- an X-ray machine, laundry bag, a phone call from home, comics, a letter from Jay
Dawn Fishbein- an excuse for everything, that's not fair, B.S. tennis lesson, a private maid
Corrinne Rosen- a fight with Lee, Swiss chocolate, zit medicine, comb
Allison Waugh- 1001 solutions to a boys problem, boys camp, 3rd base in baseball, Matty, pants that fit
Karen Flam- a boyfriend, a mouth to tell off anyone, stomach exercises, infirmary

Karen Friedman-

basketball, a longer stay at Ranger, more shirts
To the bunk- mature boys, hot showers, Judy Corell, fly free bunk, few more successful raids, no color war officers, toilet paper