Bunk 13
Pauli Tawil- a "peachy lifeguard", a place to cry and the back of the bunk, her own decision, "beguz"
Tara Gregory- The "I am not a leader" award, a successful raid, an activity she loves
Shari Mirojnick- Her own horse to ride to activities, straight, smooth, turned under hair, the "I'm the only one who is smaller than my boyfriend" award
Melissa Herman- the trampoline, canoeing with Cindy
Marcy Rosner- a book on table manners, a maid to pick up after her, Tara all year long
Shari Spector- Miss Melodramatic Award, boys, boys, boys, anyone but Jodi to do wash with
Rena Bitter- The Philadelphia Lawyer award, a smile, a secret Mom can keep
Bunk 14
Julie Schott- Mitch? Michael? a new pair of sweats, a rubberband ball, a night brace, a year without a trophy
Ellen Drachman- midnight snack of cheese and crackers, night jack game with Michelle, tennis anyone
Michelle Felton- a new school, a book to over the summer, sleep to last the whole summer, 10 yr. supply of comics
Naomi Kramer- a sister named Robyn, Ranger Girl, Jeff Kahn, a raid, Bali Hai will call you, I can't believe you, a bathing suit
Lynn Weinstein- Robert, Ranger Girl, I'm my brother's keeper, a sleeping bag, a bike hike, the perfect athlete that's never been used
Suzanne Rosen- Pocahontas, this is the first time I ever broke out!, Bunk 15, a mouse named Amy, Miss Goody Two shoes
Robyn Rubenstein- a lifetime ticket to the infirmary, Miss prim, Barry Kaplan's right arm, the bunk tickler
Karen Gardner- Karen Chamberlain, hard boiled eggs, lesson on how to draw
Bunk 15
Marcy Weissbach- a day without playing backgammon with Carolyn is like a day without sunshine, Howie are you
Carolyn Gilbert- a day without playing backgammon with Marcy is like a day without sunshine, like while many vibrations
Jamie Sykes- I do feel well, do I have a fever? a latin lover, a chance at swimming in the Olympics
Debbie Siskin- I'm not in the mood, Steve Vincent, Eggplant Palmerini

Susan Subotky-

leave me alone, Mike, Grandma cookies
Melissa Cohen- switchies with Sim, I can't get sick, My mom's the nurse, Pizza, Why?