Bunk 9
Eileen Liebman- daylong tennis lessons, a can of Kool-Aid
Robin Tarnofsky- a megaphone and a "pet" mouse
Stephanie Morrell- 1 empty suitcase, a "clean" face
Stacy Silverman- "Superstar" and sleeptime without a brace
Marni Porter- a "bunk party" on her bed, an older sister
Jodi Spector- a summer's supply of salami, non-removable lobster earrings
Rachel Schwartz- a big butterfly, an elephant kiss
Jackie Brodsky- "drama coaching", a ticket to the Carol Burnett show
Bunk 10
Helene Escava- a non-birdlike laugh, a napless day, a Syrian cookie from Grandma
Sharon Druckman- a mirror to admire herself in, everything she wants
Dale Fishbein- a pool to swim in, a night with Ricky, activities she likes to do
Karen Sloane- her own trampoline, a lesson from Aunt Ruth on how to do laundry, a sane brother
Andrea Leighton- some tea for her sugar, knot-free hair, another summer with Larry
Adina Olan- a letter from Sherry, a nightclub to perform in, crustless bread

Pam Windheim-

a smiling face, a game of backgammon, spicy gum
Bunk 11
Alice Slater- laundry that doesn't turn pink, a sport she can't play
Marcy Dunn- a temper, Jo-Jo's pizza, a Grateful Dead shirt, a new pair of thongs
Harley Amazon- the infirmary, a box of Nestle's Quick all to herself, a clean bunk, a phone
Jackie Gold- a brush that doesn't get lost, sardines (boneless and skinless) for every meal
Cara Gold- gerbils that don't give birth, bathing suits to lend out to the bunk
Valerie Dweck- daily packages, a problem to solve,Ikey
To the bunk- flypaper with the flies, a job at the Playboy Club, a day without a complaint, a clean bunk, and a happy and healthy year
Bunk 12
Laura Furst- extended infirmary calls, lot 6
Dana Levy- second call, a sleeping bag big enough to cover the mess on her bed, cess pool
Beth Friedman- personal maid service, boyfriends that don't fight over her, a super cool act to go with her fall clothes

Ilyse Kuba-

box of Aimee's giggles, good meal