Bunk 6
Vicki Betish- someone to pick on, a kiss from Howie
Leslie Felton- clean clothes, a bun, eye to eye contact, to really be sick at sick call
Wendy Furst- a good nights sleep, the headache, Leaving on a Jet Plane
Halli Glick- more clothes, a few boyfriends, a neat cubby
Sheffie Marcos- a smile, brushed hair, a meal without grabbing
Lainie Nadal- a box of homemade brownies, a night's sleep in one position
Lynn Sykes- home sweet home, a rainy day and night
To the bunk- a letter from Melvin
Bunk 7
Raquel Antobi- a day without an argument, more cubby space
Heather Borden- a free pass to the infirmary, a permanent camper for a sister
Gina Ezratty- a clean cubbie, a frog and a salamander and homes to keep them in, a clean pair a white knee socks, a maid to make her bed
Leslie Friedman- a fast morning start, Trident bubble gum from that special someone
Joci Kuba- a bed in Bunk 12, our own private phone call home
Wendy Levy- cornstarch and cotton, a bathing suit of her own
Marla Porter- a permanent seat at the red fence, a day without sweep
To the bunk- a dripping faucet, lemons for all, a lifetime of beautiful experiences and memories for all
Bunk 8
Gabrielle Fastow- peanut butter without jelly, her own chef, broken glasses
Andrea Feller- a winning color war team, a weird laugh, a different boyfriend every week
Wendy Fishbein- a soft walk and talk for before reveille, a desert she doesn't like, blown dry hair
Tina Friedman- a new bandana, all her own underwear, a dramatic boyfriend
Alison Green- a straight part, an infirmary of her own, private swimming instructions
Roslin Fellman- deep water and 77, more courage
Dina Polansky- Larry and Cindy, a debteen bunk, snack with counselors
Linda Roberts- another card to hang above her bed, Snoopy, red cheeks

To the bunk-

a Lemon from the counselors, lots of love and happiness