Tune: Magic to do (Red March)

Hello, Mom and Dad, How are ya?
I've got lots to say, when I'm through
You'll see that Red team is the best team in camp

Colorwar broke out on Monday
We thought that it would break on Sunday
Anyway we're sure the Red will win this war.

Bobbysocks have the team
We're supreme
We have power and strong winning ways
We try at all sports
We're tough on the courts
And it's not hard to forsee that this
Will be Red victory!!

So far, we've had lots of fun at
ropeburn, hatchet race and throwball
We sang our loudest when it came to milkcall (repeat)
Thursday is apache relay
I hope we will win it all the way
No doubt Red team's gonna psyche out the Grey.


Tuesday night was our presentation
The judges thought that it was a sensation
Red team banner really knocked them off their seats
We have worked hard for the sing tonight
Our hope is that our songs turn out right
Red alma mater will send chills down their spines

Bobbysocks have the team (2X)
We have power supreme
We will win it.

Well, I've got to go now
So wish me luck
Lots of love and hugs
Your little princess