Red Bobbysockers

Tune: I won't last a day without you (Alma Mater)

The warmth of the sun shines above the hills and listens in the morning sky,
as clouds passed by,
The dew upon the leaves adds a sparkling brightness to the trees way above,
we feel it's love.

And as nature unfolds here before us
All the beauty of life comes to mind
Bringing moments that recreate magic
And these friendships that last throughout time

Together we learn the value of the unions we have joined here
Friends always near
The trust that we share, a lesson in our hearts will live on and on never gone


Feelings that we share together
Will always stand out in our mind
The love we have for one another
No other place could we find

Although we leave all our moments will remain as memories
Drift through the breeze
The gift of Ranger lingers in our thoughts until next we meet
Our life complete