Grey March

Tune: Do you know the way to San Jose?

Beatlemania is here and here and here to stay
We are the team supreme to any other one and camp
Filled with spirit, vim and vigor
We will not let Bobbysockers win
We strive that we can be best
Better than the rest, It's clear to see, Our victory
We'll stand up proud to everyone

Tune: Windy

Marching and cheering on without team mates
Raising our voices up to the sky
Proving to others grey is much better
Everyone look it's grey team
Beatlemania will when this war
The day will end high in score
We will try to be fair and just in all our ways.

Tune: San Jose

Friendships still remain throughout the days
Nothing can break the bond between red and grey
Even though we fight to beat red
In our hearts we both have come ahead
Beatlemania, will always be, the side we choose, in victory