Grey Beatlemania

Tune: Circle Game (Alma Mater)

When we first arrived we met faces unfamiliar,
The countryside and lake were our new home, Sunshine, laughter and rainbows there to greet us and glowing smiles filled our hearts with hope.

Tune: Chorus of Circle Game

From Ranger came a special warmth, our new friendships and a guiding hand, trying things we've never done before,
The road to Ranger will always be our front door and we know,
back our summer friends will last forever more.

Tune: Chorus of Superstar

Living together and sharing our inner secrets,
Dreaming together beneath the stars above,
Open your eyes and souls to the beauty around you,
It's growing up.

Tune: Superstar

Time flies by and summers and draws near,
The smiles begin to fade, knowing soon we'll have to part
Memories of times we've shared,
Will last through the year, until we meet again.

Tune: Circle Game

Goodbyes are spoken much too soon,
and tears are shed from mournful eyes, remembering the values we have gained, Realizing that all good things must end, but we know,
that we'll soon return to Ranger, our new home.