Tune: American Bandstand Theme (Grey March)

We're gonna win it
We're gonna win it today
At ol' Camp Ranger
In the Color War way
We'll show the Red team
The Grey team is here to stay
We're the Grey team-grey team

We got the spirit
We at the people to play
The bad guys know us
They call us Gotham Grey
No one can shove us
That's why we're here to say
We're the Grey team-grey team

We're gonna boogie in Gotham city tonight
We're gonna win this color war sing tonight
'Cause the Grey team really is dynamite
We're the Grey team-grey team

You'll hear us coming
We're gonna scream so loud
You're ears will shatter
We've got a lot to be proud
We'll show that Red team
You don't mess with this crowd
We're the Grey team-grey team

We're gonna boogie
All over this town
We're gonna dazzle
Make their heads go 'round
We are the Grey team
We are the greatest we've found
We're the Grey team-Grey team

Best in the East
Give us at Least
A seventy-six