This color war began in a most surprising way. Instead of starring color war late on Sunday they fooled everyone and broke it on Monday morning at breakfast. This been began the longest color war of Camp Ranger's to history.
The competition began with an all team throwball game and this day decided the first leader of color war for the year. The events that followed for that day lead into the Rope Burn and Tug of War which were the most exciting events to watch. The grey team had picked up a lead over red and tried to keep it for as long as possible. We went through Tuesday and by the night time grey team was still ahead by a few points. On Tuesday night both boys' teams watched the girls presentation and cheered them on. When Wednesday came around the competition was fierce, and every event was going down to the wire or ended in overtime. By Wednesday afternoon the grey team had lost the lead after one of the best apache relays I have witnessed. On Wednesday night the boys gave their presentations as the girls watched, and both teams displayed a beautiful banner and skit. Although the grey team won the presentation they did not regain the lead. By Thursday morning the last day of competition grey was still down but fighting to the finish. Thursday night was the sing and the last event of color war. Both the boys' and the girls' teams filled the girls' Recreation Hall for the finale of color war. After going through a comic song, fight song, and Alma Mater the decision for the winner of the sing was up to the judges. All the boys went back to boys side and waited for the judges' decision. The judges then announced the score of sing and grey team had won. After the final tally of the total points for both teams was made the judges announced the red team as the winner of the 1976 color war.
In conclusion I must first thank the whole grey team for giving me the best color war I have ever been in. I also feel that every camper and captain gave all they could to the team. Although we didn't win, we did have a great working together to make it a great color war. I must also thank all the grey team counselors who helped make this color war a great one to be in. And last but certainly not least, I must thank my fellow officers Lieutenant Stan Chorney, and Coordinator Todd Schwartz forgetting to me more than I can put into words. I could not have had better officers behind me if I had asked for them. I also have to thank the judges and referees for doing a great job, color war couldn't have run without you. And we must not forget Bob Stranger, and Jerry and Judy Turner who have helped us throughout the summer, as well as in color war.

General Brian Reimer