Perhaps the most eventful and tranquil days were spent on a bicycle. Bicycle hiking to Feinberg's Farm has been a tradition at Camp Ranger for many years. The beautiful scenery of the countryside, grasslands, and the wind blowing in our faces can be remembered by all.
Once at the farm we were greeted by warm, hospitable people. The pool was beautiful and the Rangerites whole-heartedly greeted it. We ate our lunch at their picnic table and rested in the sun.
After an eventful afternoon, it was up on the bicycles again and down the hills full-speed.....back to Ranger.

Cori Jacobs

This year Rocketry got off to a good start, after last year's second-half beginning. I was mainly working with the Munchkins. I started with simple rockets such as the Mosquito and the Streak for bunks six and seven, using more complicated rockets such as the Super Flea for bunks eight and nine. The older kids used more advanced rockets. I am looking forward to a more fulfilling and satisfying year next year.

Bob Corell