Amazon, Ellen Drachman, Mike Berman, Halli Glick, Robbie Applebaum, and a talented chorus. The charm of "Dites Moi", was uplifting "Wonderful Guy" the cute "Wash that Man", "Honey Bun" and "Cockeyed Optimist" as well as the love songs were all high points of this production.
The Music Man was our counselor show. What a thrill it was for me to play the role and work with so much talent: Liz Jentzer as Marion, Jeff Drimer has the mayor, Linda Belsky as Mrs. Shinn, the fabulous Barbershop Quartet- Dave Silver, Todd Schwartz, Neil Barkoff, and Ray Porter-plus Warren Knepper, Fran Itzkowitz, David Kaplan, Seth Silver, Penny Klein, Alan Rothstein, the Pickalittle Ladies-Debbie Naiztat, Gill Wood, Linda Such and Ellen Schmerler, and Jackie Brodsky, Bonita Schrank and Ron Hauben. Special thanks to Abby Davis for her choreography to Amy Schectman for props, to Steve Pelta, Jodi Escava, Brent Traiger and Gary Itkin for stage crew.
Hair was our musical offering next. What a joy to have the camp leave the Rec Hall singing "Aquarius", "Let the Sun Shine In", "Hair", and "Good Morning Sunshine".
Our final show Showstoppers on Tuesday night promises to be a highlight to a most successful and fun season which would not have been as successful without the talents of Bonita Schrank who did such a great job on scenery, and Ronnie Schecter, our accompanist, who gets better day by day. Thank you girls and to all of you for making camp so great for me this year.
See you and '77.