And how well I ever forget those special times each week when I became a singer and guitar teacher? To the young ladies of bunks 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, and their counselors thanks for being the greatest guitar students. And a very special thanks to Judy Corell for helping the organize and run the guitar program.
My deep personal thanks to Judy and Jerry Turner for allowing me to become a member of the Camp Ranger family.
Thanks to Bob Stranger and Dave Silver for helping me throughout the camp season.
Thanks to Cappy for making our Friday night Oneg Shabat Services run smoothly by setting up the pulpit with the menorahs, candlesticks and the Kiddush cup of wine.
And most of all, thanks to all of you who allowed me to share a part of your summer vacation time with you.

"And even when you say goodbye,
You say goodbye with Shalom."

Rabbi Morty Green