The season of 1976 has had much variation in excitement to it. We have added new, exciting, and unique programs which not only have taught you but had giving you fun in excitement. As we think back over the season of 1976, the vast panorama of this program flashes to our minds: water skiing, sailing over beautiful Silver Lake under a bright blue summer sky; horseback riding; the exciting Fourth of July Firework presentation that lit up the Ranger sky; the exciting and challenging mountain climbs and sleep outs at Mount Cathalia, Slide Mountain, Wittenberg, (which was some 4,000 feet above sea level) where the campers some of the most breathtaking views in this part of the country. "The climb of the year"--Mount Marcy which is the highest mountain in the state of New York and Mount Washington in New Hampshire, which is the highest mountain in the northeastern part of the country. The great camp games this year with Camp Ranger coming back victorious in a most consistent manner; the tennis tournaments where our campers played with such courage and displayed to all the results of hard work, great instruction and wonderful integrity. We remember the ice skating and bowling nights which were such great fun, the out-door picnics at Beaverkill; the circus and carnival which raised $500.00 for the UJA for the 31st consecutive year; the exciting trip to Ice Cave Mountain and the Catskill Game Farm; the exciting bicycle trips breezing along over the quiet country roads-- what can compete with toasting down a long hill with the warm summer wind blowing interface?; the excitement of seeing a new world under water with our scuba program; the delicious "Sundae on Sundays" treat; the movies that were so great in camp; the great outdoor barbecues and lawn suppers; the inspired Friday night services conducted so skillfully by Rabbi Green, where we all learned something we didn't know before and also had an opportunity look at things in perhaps a different manner; the fantastic birthday Ball where everybody joined in with such fun in excitement; the final prom, with a live band. The great dramatic programs this year which included " A Salute to America" to honor our by Bicentennial, "Oliver", "Peter Pan", "Oklahoma", "South Pacific", and that great counselor show " Music Man", which received a standing ovation by all. The musical revue of " Hair" followed by " Show Stoppers", a tribute to those Broadway songs which stopped the show; the professional demonstration of tennis by Bill Lloyd (by the way, he once the Arthur Ashe); the startling Color War break at breakfast in the dining room which surprised all the camp; the fun filled an exciting Cold War that ended with a memorable " Sing" and the four new plaques which now adorn our dining room walls; the relaxed, slow pace lazy day which followed our color war and came at the right moment; the tennis competition as well as all of the various hockey, baseball, basketball leagues which are so exciting and well played; the breathless excitement of the " Announcement of Awards and Ranger Memory Night", the viewing of the slides of the 1976 season by all the campers and the exciting banquet the last night of camp, as well as the moving and tender candle lighting ceremonies for 1976, accompanied by literal tears of joy and sadness for this beautiful and meaningful summer.

To all of you... our campers and staff, we thank you and bid you a fond farewell. We know that the friendships may hear it Camp Ranger this season as well as in the past will continue for many years to come at will be a bright and important part of your lives.