"Shalom, Shalom you find Shalom,
The nicest greeting you know,
It means a million lovely things,
Like peace, be yours, welcome home."

Summer '76 at Camp Ranger will always be full of warm, deep memories for me. I'll remember the many times you greeted me with a friendly, "Shalom Rabbi."
I'll remember our Friday Oneg Shabat services, with all the clapping and singing and special stories.
I'll remember all the girls in our Friday night camper's choir and the young ladies who blessed and lit our Shabat candles.
I'll remember all the young men who blessed the wine and chanted the Kiddush.
I'll remember all the campers who beautified our religious services by reading special prayers in Hebrew or English.
How can I ever forget Saturday morning services? There were three of them. Each very special and beautiful. On boys' side, who will forget the excitement over my three part story, the famous story, by Y.L. Peretz, The Three Gifts.
On girls' side, how can I ever forget the spirit of friendship and love that spread over the special way they conducted their services.
And for those campers who went to the canteen on Shabat morning for our full religious Shabat services, I say "Kol Ha Kavod", all honor to you.
I'll always remember summer '76 at Camp Ranger as our first Tisha B'av memorial service. My personal thanks to Michelle Felton, Robyn Rubenstein, Lynn Weinstein, Mike Cohen, and Scott Morell for helping me explain the historical background and meaning of this religious day.
I'll never forget all the campers, counselors, waitresses and staff members who asked questions about Judaism, Israel, and what it means to be a Jew.
I'll remember the boys and girls I help with their studies. There were some boys who wanted to practice their Bar-Mitzvah chanting. There was the young man who wanted to study Chumash (Bible) and Rashi (a Bible commentator) and all the campers who wanted to learn how to read Hebrew. And there were some who wanted to practice and review their Hebrew school workbooks and readers. To all of you who allowed me the pleasure of sharing Jewish learning with you, I say Todah Rabah, thank you very much.