This past summer at Camp Ranger the girls were given an introduction to dance.
The emphasis was on jazz ballet and discoteque dances. I taught very basic exercises in preparation for dancing. Towards the end of each class I choreographed a simple combination of dance moves to different selections of music such as, "One," "Take a Little One Step," and "Easin' Down the Road." As far as discoteque dances, the most popular were "The Hustle" and "The Walk."
I only hope that everyone who participated in the program has learned something from it and continues to dance.
I would like to extend special thanks to Bunks 6 and 7 for a beautiful performance.

Abby Davis

This summer Camp Ranger opened a gymnastics program. It consisted of a trampoline, uneven parallel bars, horizontal bars, pommel horse and tumbling mats.All of the campers acquired some level of skill on all the pieces of apparatus. The campers who stood out on all the events were Jenny Herman, Mellissa Herman, Denise Lampert, Howie Davis, Todd Strigler and Jose Pagan. This does not mean that the other campers did not do well by any means. All in all it was a great summer and all had lots of fun.

Billy Muirhead